22 Bathroom Ceiling Ideas for Elegant Interior Look

A bathroom is one of the most important and frequently visited places in any home. Unlike a garage or store room where a visitor can come and leave without stepping into it, a bath is a special room that you and your visitors use every day.

It’s not only sane but prudent of you to give a bathroom some attention. One of the spots that, when it’s well taken care of, adds a look of elegance and sleekness is the ceiling.

Vinyl ceiling_Bathroom ceiling ideas
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Next time, you sleep at a hotel, observe the walls of the bathroom and ceiling. You’ll realize that the investment in these areas contributes to the hotels’ five-star rating.

These 21 bathroom ceiling ideas will help you achieve an elegant look in your bathroom. However, before we dive deep in, here are some of the delicious spoilers if you’re in harry.

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Which bathroom ceiling is waterproof?

Again, having a waterproof bathroom is so important. You don’t want to end up in an awkward scenario where the ceiling starts to expand or collapses due to water splashes. The waterproof PVC bathroom ideas, glass fiber bathroom, and plastic tiled bathroom ceiling are ideal.  

Bathroom Ceiling Ideas for Elegant Interior Look

Here is a list of amazing bathroom ceiling ideas for an elegant interior look. Find what you like and go ahead to implement it.

1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass for bathroom ceiling
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fiberglass for ceiling

Price: $0.80 – $1.70 per square foot

Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials for bathroom ceilings. Just so you know, this is a reinforced plastic material that is made from woven glass filaments.

It’s a very tough and waterproof material that lasts a long time. It’s also very resistant to different weather conditions i.e. it does not over-expand in hot weather and does super-contract in cold weather.

What are some of the cons of fiberglass? You ask. A mere touch of the glass fiber does not have any negative effects.

However, inhaling some of the components may lead to sore throat or inflammation.  And exposure to it can cause redness in the eyes. Note: having fiberglass as a bathroom ceiling is harmless and safe.

2. Acrylic Ceiling Panels

Acrylic Ceiling Panels_one of the Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Price: Vary significantly, but you can find them at very low prices on Alibaba.com

You may know acrylic nails and not acrylic wall panels if you’re a baddie girl. FYI: acrylic wall panels are tough plastic sheets that are installed as a bathroom wall or ceiling by gluing.

They’re so sleek and durable. With an acrylic wall panel bathroom ceiling, you won’t have to worry about getting super cold in the bathroom. They preserve heat giving you a great experience in the bathroom.

The main downside of an acrylic wall panel bathroom ceiling is that it’s more sensitive to scratches and, depending on the color, dirty as well. However, you can overcome this by weekly cleaning the bathroom.

3. Drywall bathroom ceiling

Drywall bathroom ceiling idea
Source: Pinterest/Engesso

Price: $12- $20 per panel (Depends on thickness and size)

Drywall is a strong material made from calcium sulfate dehydrate and it’s used in constructing interior walls and ceilings. It usually consists of gypsum which is soft and elegant.

It’s the perfect material for a bathroom ceiling thanks to its waterproof surface and composition materials. And with drywall panels, it’s so easy to install the bathroom ceiling. And drywall bathroom ceiling is also great at maintaining the temperature of a room.

Although drywall panels are not permeable, they’re not friendly to water that’s why they’re not used outside. However, they will be able to handle the splashes reaching the ceiling of your bathroom.

4.  Aluminium Composite Panel

Alluminium composite panel for bathroom ceiling

Another great idea for a bathroom ceiling is the aluminum composite panel. As the name suggests, aluminum composite panels consist of a mixture of a couple of elements like panels of aluminum and a layer of polyethylene core in between.

Straight up, the composite makes the panels extra durable. And most importantly, you can find Aluminium composite panels with a very stunning and elegant look that would be a fit for a bathroom ceiling.

5. Marble Bathroom Ceiling

Marble bathroom ceiling
Source: @ecstasycoffee (Pinterest)

Marble is an elegant and strong material for bathroom ceilings and walls. It’s the severe form of limestone with white as a primary color with some gray or black streaks.

Again, the stone is elegant and cozy for not only the floor but for the bathroom ceiling as well. However, it’s important to note that marble slabs are fragile. They can break, chip, or crack when broken or when heavy pressure is applied.

In the case of the bathroom ceiling, this will only be concerning if you’ve got a leaking roof. Otherwise, if your roof does not leak, a marble bathroom ceiling is still a great option.

6. Paint The Bathroom Ceiling Bold

Bold-painted bathroom ceiling

The next fascinating bathroom ceiling idea is to paint the ceiling of your bathroom in bold colors while keeping the rest of it in neutral colors. A popping color in your bathroom catches the attention of your visitor and makes it elegant.

Some of the bold colors you can paint your bathroom ceiling include the following. Gray, black, pink, and orange contrast well with white bathroom walls.

You can also paint the bathroom ceiling white if the rest of the bathroom is painted grey, sky-blue, pink, or orange or have glass tiles or gypsum.

7. Ship lapped Bathroom Ceiling

Ship lapping is another great way to achieve a stunning bathroom ceiling. Just so you know, the term “shiplap” has its origin in the wooden ship-making era. It’s similar to how the ancient ships when made using wood.

It involves joining wooden boards on their sides to create a large wooden panel or board. Mostly, ship-lapped bathroom ceilings are white which, in combination with small lines in the margins, brings out a cozy look.

If you’re using the tools and skills you already have, installing a bathroom ceiling will cost $50 to $150 per 20 square feet.

8.  Bathroom Ceiling with Wooden Accents

A modern bathroom ceiling with wooden accents is one of the popular bathroom ceiling ideas. The wooden accent bathroom ceiling consists of tiny detailed wooden panels arranged artistically across or along it.

Pine wood planks are perfect for bathroom ceiling accents because they’re soft and easy to work with. If you’re handy you can install the ceiling as a small DIY project.

The main issue with wooden accents installed in a bathroom is decay or mildew may develop when it’s not well-ventilated. As such, you may need to install fans to ensure well-ventilation.

9. Bathroom ceiling in Neutral Color

The next elegant and modern idea is painting the bathroom ceiling in a neutral color. This works whether you’ve got tiled walls, gypsum walls, or glass walls in your bathroom.

In other words, whatever colors you have for your bathroom, you’ll find a perfect neutral color for it. Some of the neutral colors include beige, cream, gray, tan, white, black, and ivory.

Generally, neutral colors are a great way of decorating your interior. However, some colors like gray are associated with depression and anxiety. Of course, this is only people’s perspective which cannot defeat the fact that it’s an elegant color.

10. Wood Panel Ceiling

wooden panel bathroom ceiling
Source:@insituarchitecture (Pinterest)

Similar to wooden accents, a wood panel ceiling is another great option for a bathroom ceiling. This involves joining panels or thin sheets of wood to form a decorative wall above the bathroom.

The wood panels produce such an amazing and elegant look. Not only that, but they also bring a popping color which helps to create a focal point in the ceiling of your bath.

Just like the wooden accents ceiling, the wood panel ceiling has a downside. The wood may start to decay or develop molds. Of course, this can be prevented by installing fans to ensure enough ventilation.

11. Vaulted Bathroom ceiling

vaulted ceiling for a bathroom
Source:@Adobe (Pinterest)

This idea is perfect for a master bedroom. You create a raised roof ceiling with or without exposed beams just like a ceiling cathedral.

The obvious pro of this ceiling idea is that it’s unique and elegant. Nobody wants to see or have the same design as everyone else. The combination of distinctiveness and coziness makes the design worthwhile.

On the other hand, vaulted bathroom ceilings are costly. To install a completely new vaulted ceiling or to improve an old ceiling into a vaulted one, you expect to burn $12,000 to $18,000.

12. False lights

No matter how elegant or cozy your bathroom walls, floor, and ceiling are, they won’t look as sleek if they’re not properly lit. You can start by installing simple false lights.

They can be installed in various parts of the ceiling. You can install smart LED lights along the edges of the ceiling. This will allow you to customize the color of your bathroom to fit your current mood.

13. Bathroom Ceiling with chandeliers

Bathroom with chandelier
Source:@designingidea (Pinterest)

The next is one of the luxurious bathroom ceiling ideas. It consists of hanging a beautiful chandelier from the ceiling of a modern bathroom.

Chandeliers are luxurious decorative items that add a statement to your bathroom. Some chandeliers help to beautify and light the bathroom up.

On top of being difficult to clean, the main downside of installing decorative chandeliers in your bathroom is the cost. Chandeliers are pretty expensive. That’s why people opt for other affordable yet elegant lighting options.

14. Tiled Ceiling/False Ceiling

Using tiles for the ceiling is another great option for a bathroom ceiling. This is one of the easiest ways to have a beautiful ceiling.

False ceiling, a.k.a. T-ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop in/out the ceiling, involves fitting the bathroom ceiling with tiled panels. You can opt for uniform ceiling tiles or custom ones.

15. Vinyl Bathroom Ceiling

Vinyl ceiling for bathroom
Source:@Lehman Lane (Pinterest)

I’ve mentioned vinyl in a couple of posts including in porch ceiling ideas and patio floor ideas. This is another easy-to-install affordable material for a bathroom ceiling.

It is a plastic material made from a synthetic polymer. Available in a variety of colors, you can use vinyl in almost any bathroom ceiling.

The only giant downside with the material is that it’s not biodegradable. In other words, it takes tons of years to degrade completely.

16. With Luxurious Pattern

Are you looking for a bathroom that stands out? A bathroom ceiling with an elegant luxurious pattern is the best option.

You can install luxurious ceiling patterns like white molded ceiling, popcorn ceiling, spray sand texture, knockdown ceiling ideas, and slap brush texture. The cheapest way to achieve this is by using the false ceiling.

17. Sloped Bathroom ceiling

Sloped ceiling for a bathroom
Source:@One Kindesign (Pinterest)

A sloped bathroom ceiling can be done to follow the shape of the roof or just to have fun with designing. These types of ceilings sometimes include a skylight or roof light to allow natural light.

The sloped-sided ceiling can also be created when you’ve opted for a cathedral ceiling. The two sides are not straight, rather they slope in the sides.

 If you end up with a bathroom ceiling sloped on one side, you need to align the bathtub on the sloped side.

18. Statement Lighting

The next cheap bathroom ceiling idea is by installing statement lighting. These are eye-catching and bold lights that serve a decorative purpose.

It can be as simple as wall-mounted fixtures or ceiling-mounted lights, LED statement lights, or pendant lights. Go ahead and install the statement lights that fit your design taste.

19.  Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum bathroom ceiling
Source:@Behance (Pinterest)

Gypsum ceiling boards are premade ceiling pieces that you can order and start installing. It’s one of the most popular false ceiling boards with such an exquisite look.

The material is preferred by many because of its properties. It is fire-retardant, heat-insulant, and overall good-looking.

20. POP ceiling

Like the gypsum ceilings, the plaster of Paris, a.k.a. POP ceiling is one of the most popular false ceiling ideas. This is ceiling material that consists of fine-powered calcium sulfate that has been moistened and dried.

POP is used to make various structures including molds and other decorative items. If you’re just getting started and don’t want a complicated design, I would encourage you to use it to create molds along the edges of your ceiling.

Just keep in mind that POP is soluble in water. If you’re using it for the bathroom, make sure you’ve put in place a mechanism that will prevent it from being washed away by splashes.

21. WallPaper

Wallpaper ceiling for bathroom
Source:@Laurel Bern (Pinterest)

The next way to decorate the bathroom ceiling is by using beautiful wallpaper. This is a great idea for you can have your bathroom ceiling in any color or design you want.

If you’re into astronomy, you can install wallpaper with space and the galaxy on it. This will not only fascinate your visitors but will also transform your room into an elegant one.

22. Glue-On/Stable-On ceiling

Glue-on ceiling for bathroom

Lastly, you might want a ceiling that will just be glued to the other flat ceiling. The glue-on is the best option if this is the case with you.

It’s advantageous because it doesn’t require much time to install, maintain or remove.

However, it’s got serious cons. The first one is that the bathroom will still look inexpensive and not cozy. Secondly, it’s not a permanent ceiling solution.

FAQs on Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

In case you haven’t found the specific information that you wanted, read through these commonly asked questions and answers related to Bathroom Ceiling Ideas.

What type of ceiling is best for the bathroom?

If you’re looking for a lasting and elegant ceiling for your bathroom, fiberglass, tiles, and PVC are the best options. However, you can also polished wood is also perfect for a bathroom.

How can I cover my bathroom ceiling?

If you’re tired of the boring black ceiling of your bathroom, the following are the best option for a bathroom ceiling cover. Wallpaper ceilings will allow you to just glue onto the existing ceilings.
The other ceiling covers may be the actual glue-on ceiling and various false ceilings. If you want something elegant, you need gypsum panels, aluminum composite ceiling panels, or marble ceiling panels.

What is the most affordable material to put on a ceiling?

For just a ceiling that requires no special skill and a huge investment, go for wallpapers and glue-on ceilings. With these materials, you’ll just paste them on the ceiling with glue –especially if the ceiling is not rough.

Final Thoughts on Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Your bathroom ceiling is considered the 5th wall of your bathroom. As such, it deserves the same attention just like the other walls of your bathroom.

If you’ve moved into a house whose bathroom does not fit your standards and style, or you just want to have a new look in your bathroom, these 21 bathroom ceiling ideas will help you get started.

I hope this post has helped you get in choosing what you wanted. If you want more ideas concerning ceilings, read these other posts.

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Otherwise, thank you for reading through this post, and I wish you the best of luck.


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