21 Fascinating Pop Smoke Braids with Beads

Perfect for both men and women, Pop smoke braids are one of the simple-ye-cutest styles that get everyone addicted to them. Although there are numerous types and designs of these braids, the pop smoke braids with beads are the ones that stand out for most people.

Whether you’re a simple baddie girl or a stylish lady, the pop smoke braids with beads will make you more beautiful and boost your confidence.

As for men, if you’re the type of gentleman who wears braids, these will be perfect for you. In fact, these braids are not only cool but they’re also a great way to remember the late legendary Pop Smoke himself.

What are Pop Smoke Braids?

Pop smoke braids, a.k.a. Jumbo tribal braids, are a type of hairstyle that is created by sectioning the hair usually into a total of eight braids that are braided tightly to the scalp four on each side of the head. The braids take after the name of the late American rapper and songwriter, Pop Smoke.

The rapper died in February 2020. During his years of fame, the musician was fond of the braids now known as Pop Smoke braids.

Why Do People Rave about Some Braids with Beads?

Lots of people, both men and women, swear by pop smoke braids. And nobody can blame them.

Pop smoke braids last up to four weeks; they protect your hair from brittles, breakage, and tangling; they can be styled in simple and complex ways, and their braiding technique can be learned easily.

How to Do Pop Smoke Braids?

It’s possible to do Pop smoke braids yourself at home. Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Wash and condition your hair.
  • ·Section the hair into small, 8 equal parts and apply a leave-in conditioner.
  • Begin braiding the front section in top-down cornrows –adding extensions if desired.
  • Finish upbraiding the remaining sections.
  • Once you have completed the braids, add beads or other embellishments to the ends.

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Incredible Pop Smoke Braids with Beads

Here are the breathtaking pop smoke braids with beads:

1. Pop smoke braids with middle cornrow

Mid cornrow Pop Smoke Braids with Beads

I wanted to start with this design because it’s so intriguing and cute. It consists of the regular pop smoke braids, but it stands out because of the middle cornrow braid.

The design combines the Fulani and modern Pop smoke braid. You can achieve this with only your natural hair or with some extensions.

What makes them intriguing is the fact that you can put the beds in multiple places now. Unlike many other pop smoke braids you install the beads at the end of a braid, with this design, you can also add a wooden or gold bead on the middle cornrow.

2. Long Pop Smoke Braids with Beads

long pop smoke braids with white beads

 Although the original pop smoke braids are usually short or medium, long pop smoke braids have never been more popular –especially among girls. You can easily braid these long pop smoke braids if you’ve got long hair.

Alternatively, you can also use extensions to braid these long pop smoke braids. However, unlike your hair which you can try to DIY, you’ll need a stylist to help you install these braids.

3. Small box braids

Small box braids are the mutilated version of pop smoke braids. They consist of multiple single braids braided from a boxed section on the scalp.

These braids are not very different from regular box braids. They’re slightly different because they have gold beads at the end of each braid.

The gold beads can be worn with braids of different colors like white, brown, black, or blonde.

4. Weaved Pop smoke braids

weaved long pop smoke braids

Sometimes, you may want to have long braids yet you’ve got short natural hair. You can use extensions and weave them to the short natural hair to achieve longer braids.

The extensions can be in regular black if that’s what you love. However, you can also choose from a variety of colors like pink, white, blue, blonde, gold, and burgundy.

5. Pop smoke braids and twists

Jumbo pop smoke braids work extremely well with twists. My all-time favorite is the black pop smoke braids with twist braids towards the end.

And you can bundle them using a metal ring, beads, or rubber bands. You can also use a bandana to tie your braids together and achieve baddie-girl aesthetics.

6. Black braids with gold beads

long pop smoke braids with gold beads

The other fascinating Pop smoke braids are those that consist of black braids and gold beads. These can be small black braids or jumbo long braids.

They look stunning especially when the beads are placed at the end of the braids. You also experiment with wearing the beads with some rubber bands entangled in the front braids.

7. Pop Smoke Zigzag Part Braids

Pop Smoke Zigzag Part Braids

Pop smoke braids braided in a zigzag way are another stunning braids that you should give a try. And there are tons of ways to braid this impressive hairstyle.

The basic zigzag Pop Smoke braids consist of zigzag space between two cornrow braids. These braids are epic for both men and women, but they may not be for you if you want to stand out.

You might want braids with a zigzag middle line. This style is particularly common among girls.

8.  Pop Smoke Braids with curl ends

pop braids with curly ends

If you’ve read my other post on braids with curly ends, you should know that these are one of the fantastic Fulani braids –especially for girls. And yes, pop smoke braids can be styled with curls at the end.

You can add the braids on the middle cornrow if you‘re going for the pop smoke braids with a middle cornrow. Otherwise, you can put the beads at the beginning of the braids.

9. Jumbo braids Mixed with Micro Braids

This kind of pop smoke braids consists of a mixture of large cornrow braids and tiny cornrow braids. The micro braids are usually braided along the row created by two large cornrows.

It’s a unique style that will make you stand out. And with these braids, the beads are installed at the end of each braid.

And the best part is that you can wear this style in different colors. However, the classic black braids are always stunning.

10. Black braids with red and white beads

Talking of black pop smoke braids, another excellent choice is the black braids with red and white beads. As for the white beads, you can choose between transparent white and just solid white beads.

 11. Pop Smoke Braids Wig

If you don’t have long hair, you can try to get a lace front wig designed like pop smoke braids. This is also when you want to attend a special event and you don’t time to meet a hair specialist.

12. Pop smoke braids for short hair

This braid style is common among men. It consists of four up-to-down cornrow braids and a straight middle line. You can also opt for pop smoke braids with zigzag rows in between.

Most men like to braid the top natural hair and get a brush haircut around the head. However, unlike women, men don’t necessarily wear braids with beads.

Rather, men look stunning when these braids are worn with accessories like earrings and necklaces.

13. Pop Smoke Braids for Kids

13. Pop Smoke Braids for Kids

If you’re looking for braids for your daughter, you need to try pop-smoke braids for kids. These are pretty similar to the older girls’ pop smoke braids.

However, depending on the size of your daughter’s hair, the pop smoke braids for kids are usually more spacious and heavily decorated.

At the same time, the decorative elements are usually more colorful and childish. You can decorate the pop smoke braids with clip-ins, beads, butterfly clips, and hair rings.

14. Pop Smoke Braids with a Heart

As discussed in the next post, pop smoke braids with a heart are one of the most beautiful tribal braids for baddie girls. These braids have a heart or two usually on the two front sides of our head.

However, there are some heart braids whose heart-shaped designs aren’t on the sides. For example, tribal braids like the Queen of Hearts may have more than two hearts around the head.

15. Pop Smoke Braids with a Side Part

pop smoke braids side part

The next is the pop smoke braids with a side part. Normally, pop smoke braids consist of a middle part.

However, with this style, you wear pop smoke braids with a side part. This is a unique hairstyle that makes you stand out from everyone else.

And the best part is that this style will work whether you’re a blonde girl or a black hair girl. You can add accessories like rubber bands or beads.

16. Double Bun Braids with Clear Beads

Another cute pop smoke braids are the double bun braid with clear beads. This style involves braiding the hair into two buns on the top of the head, with clear beads added to the ends of each braid.

If you’ve got long hair, this type of hairstyle looks very cute and stunning. In addition, you can braid your little sister this style and she’ll love it.

17. Crown Braids with Gold and Silver Beads

Crown braids involve braiding the hair in a circular pattern around the head, creating a “crown” effect. If you want to create a regal look and stand out, you need to add gold and silver beads to the braids.

18. French Braids with Gold Beads

I’m sure you’ve ever seen hair braided in a diagonal pattern down the back of the head. Those are French braids and they work well with gold beads added to the ends of each.

Wonderful Pop Smoke Braids for Men

19. Pop smoke braids and Fades

This is one of the most common pop smoke braids for men. It could be because faded haircut is also popular among men. So, it makes sense that the combination of the two popular styles is popular as well.

20. Box Braids with Gold Beads

Another great choice for boys is the box braids with gold beads. It’s even great when you add accessories like gold beads.

FYI: this classic style involves medium-sized box braids that are parted in a straight line and adorned with gold beads. The beads add an extra touch of style and shine.

21. Cornrows with Silver Beads

If you’re looking for a traditional braid style, you should go for the cornrows. These are braids that are braided hair close to the scalp in a crisscross pattern.

They’re stunning on their own, but when you add silver beads to the ends of each braid, you achieve a unique and stylish look. You can wear them with silver teeth to look like a rapper.

22. Viking Braids with Wooden Beads

This style involves two thick braids on either side of the head, with a shaved or short buzzed section in the middle. You can add wooden beads to the ends of each braid to create a touch of earthy style.

FAQs on Pop Smoke Braids with Beads

How long does your hair need to be for pop smoke braids?

In short, you can have pop smoke braids 3-inch short hair, or shoulder-high hair. If your hair is short, you can use hair extensions to weave your hair or wig if it’s too short. Otherwise, you can pay someone to braid your hair if it is medium to long.

How do you take care of pop smoke braids?

If you want these braids to last longer, you need to cover your head with a satin scarf or just an ordinary bandana whenever it’s dusty or when you’re doing manual work. The same applies when you want to sleep.

How many braids are in pop smoke braids?

Originally, pop some braids consist of eight braids in total. If you opted for the middle line braids, it means four braids on each side of the head. …

However, these braids are evolving to the extent that some modern pop braids consist of more than either braid –especially the styles with small braids.

Final Thoughts on Pop Smoke Braids

Pop smoke braids have been growing in popularity even after the death of Pop Smoke himself. This is because they’re stunning on both women and men, easy to maintain, and very protective.

However, you need to understand that everyone will have different experiences with Pop Smoke braids, and what works for one person may not work for another.

If you’re just looking for casual pop smoke braids, you can braid them yourself at home. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional stylist before getting any new hairstyle to ensure that it is a good fit for your hair type and lifestyle.

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