21 Breathtaking Baddie Light Skin Girl Hairstyles

As a baddie, you need to be up to date with everything that makes a body of a badass girl. You’re supposed to be well-acquainted with various outfit ideas, nail ideas, skincare, body care as well as hair care and hairstyles.

Here, I’ve already covered most of these ideas. Go to the beauty category, and you’ll find tons of beauty tips and you’ll discover lots of outfit ideas if you click on FASHION.

I’ve got a couple of posts dedicated to trendy fashions like plus size outfits with sneakers, baddie outfits with combat boots, sneaker ball outfit ideas, and how to style a vest dress.

However, what you won’t find is a post about hairstyles for a light skin baddie girl. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to put together these 21 baddie light skin girl hairstyles.


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Best Baddie Light Skin Girl Hairstyles

Several hairstyles work specifically for a light skin girl. Here are the 21 best baddie light skin girl hairstyles you can try on your hair.

1. High Ponytail

High Ponytail_one of the Breathtaking Baddie Light Skin Girl Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest.com

I wanted to start with a high ponytail because of its ability to make your face look younger. Just so you know, a high ponytail hairstyle involves tying your hair on the crown of your head.

The process of tying a high ponytail pulls all hair from your face and brings it onto the crown. This makes your face smaller hence looking younger.

It’s not surprising to see celebrities like Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Rihanna opting for High ponytails on multiple occasions. It is because it’s a classic and elegant hairstyle. Level up your baddie status by styling your hair in a high ponytail.

2. Space Buns

split buns
Source: Pinterest.com

Space buns hairstyle, a.k.a. side buns hairstyle, is another cool style for a light-skinned baddie. Just like a high ponytail, space buns will make you look like a younger badass girl.

How to Do Space Buns

It’s actually not so hard to do space buns.

  • You part your hair by brushing sideways to form a clear line of symmetry on top of your head.
  • Then you tie your upper hair into two symmetrical pigtails.
  • Twist and wrap into a circle each of the tied pigtails.
  • Pin each other wrapped circles using pins like bobby pins

As a light-skinned baddie, you can also do this style with short hair as well as braided hair.

3. Braided Pigtails

Beautiful Pigtails
Source: Pinterest.com

Another baddie hairstyle that you can experiment with is the twin tails, a.k.a. pigtails, angel wings, or bunches. This is a way of styling hair that involves splitting and forming identical ponytails hence the name twin tails.

In other ways, two ponytails worn on the left and right sides of your head are called pigtails or twin tails. This is a wonderful hairstyle for most girls of color.

However, most girls don’t like ordinary piglets because it’s typical for younger girls. What looks great for a grown baddie is the pigtail that is braided to the hair tips.

4. Blonde Afro Curls

blond afrocurls

Blonde afro curls are also a great hairstyle for badass girls of color. In fact, blonde looks great for a light-skinned baddie.

You don’t have super-long hair to wear blonde afro curls. If you’ve got three inches or longer hair, you can use make the curls at home with the help of some great curling and rotating irons like BaBylissPro Nano Titanium and Bio Ionic Stylewinder.

As for the blonde, you can get the look with the help of dyes and toners. However, if your hair is not long enough and you still want blonde afro curls, you can get cool lace front 100% human hair with wigs for black girls.

5. Beaded Braids

beaded braids

The braids with beads hairstyle is also a spectacular option for a baddie with light skin. You can do them regardless of whether you have long hair or inch-long hair.

Ordinary braids are great, but the braids with white or transparent beads at the ends of the braids are more popular for an obvious reason; there are breathtaking!

And most interestingly, you can wear them in the color of your choice. Some baddies wear pink or blue beaded braids that extend as far as the bat and they look great as well.

6.  Braided bouncy curls

braids and curls

Next up, it’s the braided bouncy curls. These are such fresh and chic types of baddie hairstyles.

With this hairstyle, your hair is braided some inches into cornrow braids in the front and the rest of your head, the hair is styled in some bouncy curls. This works great if you’ve got very long hair as opposed to short hair.

You can also achieve this with some bouncy hair extensions. However, instead of installing them using beads, you braid starting with cornrow braids from your forehead to midway and curl the rest of your hair.

7.   Braided bun

The braided bun is another great baddie hairstyle for light-skinned girls. This is a low bun.

Simple Steps to Make a Braided bun

Here are 5 simple steps to make a braided bun

  • Brush the hair and tie your hair into a ponytail right below the crown of the head using a rubber band.
  • Braid the pony in a simple three-strand braid until the hair tip.
  •  Create a hole above the rubber band using your fingers
  • Fold your braid through the hole two times to create a round bun
  • Insert pins to keep your bun together

As you can see, a braided bun will work if you’ve got long hair. However, you can still wear this style if you’re wearing a straight lace front wig or hair extensions.

8.  Thick Locs

locs for baddies

As a light-skinned baddie, locs are another great hairstyle you can give a try. There are several types of locs you can experiment such as comb coil, palm rolling, and two-strand twists.

However, most girls have lots of objections when it comes to installing locs. Do locs damage hair? Do locs smell? These are some of the questions that hang in most people’s minds.

Just like any hairstyle, if it’s improperly installed, locs can cause hair loss when grooming, styling, and removing. Otherwise, if you’ve installed them by a professional, they’ll protect your hair follicles.

And yeah, dreadlocks are prone to smelling because your hair is closely matted together. However, there are some products for locs that prevent their smell and stimulate hair growth.

9.   Bandana tied afro

This is so simple yet typical baddie style. Whatever afro style you have, you can just tie a bandana around your head and rock it like crazy.

The bandana can be a great saver if you’ve got damaged hair on the edges. It’ll style your hair up and cover up your flaws.

You can tie your blond afro curls or natural afro. Or you can use a bandana to tie your low bun or high ponytail.

10. Try Updo Hairstyles

The next great hairstyle that you can try as a light-skinned baddie girl. You can try the big bun, crown twist Updo, twisted braids Updo with hair rings, the kinky Updo, high bun Updo with Undercut.

All these hairstyles are great. However, the Updo with an undercut and simple big bun with two small braids in front is particularly great for a baddie.

Don’t get me wrong: the other Updo hairstyles mentioned above are terrific for weddings and formal. However, they’re too formal for a baddie fashionista.

11. Single Long Braids

single braids

Instead of choosing a single type of hairstyle, it’s not a bad idea to go for a braiding style that will allow you to style your hair in numerous ways. Opt for long braids as opposed to a pre-styled braiding type.

If you don’t have long hair, you can use hair extensions to braid long braids. Either way, you’ve got control over how to look.  This is because you can style the long braids in whatever way you want.

Once you have the long single braids, you can create ponytails, twin tails, low buns, or any other hairstyle that you may like.

12. Braided with extensions

Besides lace front wigs or weaves, braiding with extensions is another simple way of getting long hair. Even if you’ve got 1-inch long hair, you can achieve longer hair.

There are various styles that you can choose if you want to braid with extensions. For example, long single braids, box braids, and cornrow braids are all excellent options for braiding with extensions.

Can extensions cause hair loss? The answer is YES. However, with everything in life, there are effects if something is done incorrectly. Likewise, if you keep your extensions for so long –let’s say more than six weeks –you’ll end up losing a lot of your hair.

However, some styles lead to a massive loss of hair than others. For example, cornrow braids with extensions will lead to more hair loss in the margins.

13. Short Hair braided in the Sides

The next cool hairstyle for a light-skinned baddie is the short hair braided in the sides. This hairstyle is as it sounds; it consists of braidable hair and lines of braids on the sides of the head.

With this hairstyle, you don’t need to break the bank to have it. It can work with natural hair.

You can do this at home. Just find a friend who knows how to braid and tell her to braid your side hair forming a few lines on each side.

14. Box Braids


Box braids are another great option for a baddie with light skin. This style involves creating square hair divisions in your head and braiding the hair in the individual box using extensions.

However, if your hair is pretty long, you still braid box braids without using hair extensions. If you go for the extensions route, you’ll have the option of choosing hair extensions of any color.

As discussed in the post on cool baddie outfits with boots, popping colors is one of the popular preferences among baddie fashionistas. You can choose already colored extensions or you can dye them yourself in colors like blue, red, pink, and purple.

15. Poker Straight

Poker straight hairstyles were popular in the 90s and now they’re back on trend. With celebrities like the Kardashians favoring the style, you won’t go wrong wearing the poker-straight hairstyle.

This is a type of hairstyle that consists of long uncurled hair waves that are left untied. It’s no surprise that it’s often rocked by supermodels.

You too, dear, can rock it in this uncurled hairstyle. And most interestingly, you can do this at home using good straighteners.

16.  Asymmetric Black Hairstyle

asymmetrical baddie hairstyle

An asymmetric hairstyle or haircut simply means the hair on the left side of your head is not equal to the right side. This can be done by mere brushing, braiding, or cutting.

When brushing, you can choose to push your hair to one side. With help of pins, you can keep it on that side for the whole day. And if you’ve got long bouncy hair, you won’t need pins. Note: Empathy hairstyle may also simply mean creating a hair-splitting line on the side, not in the middle.

You can also braid one side and brush the rest of your hair to the unbraided side. Or you can have both sides cut, and push your hair to one side when brushing.

17. Coily Waves

Take a break from regular curls. Try to style yourself in coily waves.

As Team True Beauty observes, the coily waves hairstyle consists of small ringlets that are patterned in compact and spiral ways. It’s a great style for a light skin baddie girl.

You can choose black coily waves or blonde ones. Either way, you’ll rock it for they look great on light-skinned baddies.

Again, you can find a lace front coily wig if your hair is not long enough for this style.

18. Chic cornrow braids

Cornrow braids are the simplest style there is. However, as a baddie, you can make the best out of it. FYI: cornrow braids style involves plaiting and braiding hair to form some lines on the scalp.

Instead of going for basic string parallel-lined cornrow braids, you can opt for stylish cornrow braids. One of the best ways to do this is to use different patterns as opposed to one pattern throughout.

19. Cornrow Braids and Curls

cornrow and braids

This style involves combining braids and curls at the same time to achieve an elegant look. It can be done in different ways.

Some combine cornrows in front and curl the rest of the hair. Others braid the sides to form cornrows and curl the rest of the hair on top.

20. Tribal Braids

Tribal braids, a.k.a. Fulani braids, are a type of hairstyle that originated in Africa. Especially tribal braids are from a West African clan called Fulani.

Of course, the style, which initially consisted of cornrow braids parted in the middle, has now evolved to more complex and stylish patterns like swirled braids, low bun braided braids, side-parted braids, and more.

21. Colorful Braided Styles

colorful hairstyles

Lastly, I wanted to include all colored braided styles because they are typical baddies. You can wear a pink, red, blue, purple, or white braided style are rock it as a baddie girl with light skin.

As for the actual styles, you can go for single braids, box braids, tribal braids, cornrow braids, or whatever braids you prefer.

Final Thoughts on baddie light skin girl hairstyles

The Baddie trend is on the rise currently. As such, now than ever it’s the best time to jump on the trend.

You can start with baddie outfits with sneakers or cool baddie outfits with combat boots. Of course, it’s even cooler to wear baddie fashion from the feet to the head.

This is where the baddie light skin girl hairstyles come into play. Though these hairstyles look great for light-skinned baddies, most of them can apply to the baddie community as a whole.

That being said, I wish you the best of luck!


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