15 Amazing Minimalist Dining Table Ideas for Small Space

A dining table is one of the basic pieces of furniture that need to always be present in any home. However, sometimes you may not want heavy space-consuming dining because of space or a preference for minimalist designs. Instead, you may want a minimalist dining table in your home.

This is where a post like this becomes handy. It has assembled 21 epic minimalist table designs for you to decide the one that may best suit your needs.

These designs are categorized based on different factors for easy identification of your interest. You can find various minimalist dining table designs based on shape, capacity, materials from which they’re made, and a combination of the three.

Before diving deeper, let’s clear a few things out of way.

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What is minimalist furniture?

This means a piece of furniture that is not heavy, does not consume a lot of space and can be used with a few others and make the room elegant. Similarly, a minimalist dining table also doesn’t take up a lot of your space and only accommodates a few people.

A minimalist design is a simple approach to selecting furniture, colors, patterns, and texture. Instead of having a complex color palette and pattern, you opt for a few elegant furniture designs and arrange them in a decluttered manner.

This approach empowers your furniture. This is so because each piece of furniture is appreciated and valued without being overpowered by some other items.

What is a Minimalist Kitchen?

A kind of kitchen that consists of a lightweight dining table, and dining chairs and focuses on a few décor items is called a minimalist kitchen. It has enough space due to a few pieces of furniture and neatly-packed non-decorative items.  

At the first glimpse at a minimalist kitchen, you may get an idea that the kitchen has some items missing. It’s a kitchen that is designed following the idea that a few is more.

What is the Best Minimalist Dining Table?

Here are some of the minimalist dining table designs for you to choose from.

Minimalist Dining Table Based on Shaped

1. Oval Dining Tables

oval dining table_1 of minimalist dining table ideas

An oval-shaped dining table is one of the minimalist designs. A small oval dining table can accommodate more people than a small square table.

Because of the undetermined sides, you can sit anywhere and feel comfortable. The lack of usual corners makes it easy for the table to accommodate more people.

A 4 personal oval dining table can accommodate up to eight people; four adults and four children. The adults will sit on the four usual sides and the four children will sit in between each adult.

I’m not suggesting that you sit like this during dinner or lunch. I’m just illustrating how minimalist and accommodating the oval-shaped tables are.

2. Square Dining Table

square dining table_2 minimalist table

The next one is a square table. This is a very minimalist design –especially the square dining table for four.

It sits in the center of the room leaving a lot of space surrounding it. This is perfect for a small dining room or kitchen.

If you live alone or you’ve just moved in with your handsome, this is perfect for you. It’s easy to move around and light to carry. This means you won’t need a muscle to move it around when you want to do some cleaning.

3. Rectangular Dining Table for 4

small rectangular minimalist dining table

A rectangular table for four or six is another minimalist dining table you can try. It consists of length and width.

Unlike a square dining table where every one of the four people sits on the equal side of the table, a rectangular table for four allows two people to sit on the long side and two to sit on the shorter side.

This 4-person rectangular dining table design can fit in a very small room and leave out some space. And it’s a perfect design for homes that have at most four individuals. All four people can sit at the table and have the meal together.

4. Round Dining Table

small round dining table

The other minimalist shape of a dining table is the round table. Unlike an oval-shaped table with some subtle length and width, a round has no length or width.

A round dining table takes up very minimal space in your dining room or kitchen. The dining set stands out in the middle of even a small room as it’s supposed to be a dining table.

This is amazing because you can tally it with minimalist wall décor and other minimalist room décor ideas. This way you’ll achieve a cozy interior design.

5. Freestyle Dining Tables

freestyle minimalist dining table

I wanted to include this dining table design because you may have a room that has an irregular shape. The best way to achieve a minimalist design in such a case is by having a freestyle dining table.

This is a creatively designed table that fits a particular place. It takes a free-form shape that allows it to fit in a particular place or imagination.

For example, if you’ve got a small room that won’t support the traditional design, you can have a semi-circle table. This way you’ll have the flat part leveled against the wall and use the other side for dining.

This is a freestyle. There is no semi-circle dining table, but you’ve managed to come up with one to fit a particular place.

Dining Tables Based on Capacity

The other way to find the best minimalist dining table is by looking at the number of people the table can handle. So, let’s look at the minimalist tables based on their capacity.

6. 2 Person Dining Tables

This is a very minimalist dining table set that comes with only two chairs. The table is very small that can support large dishes for two individuals and maybe a place for fruits.

Although they said a 2-person dining table, I believe this is perfect for one person. If you live alone in a small room, this is perfect for you.

Whether you’re just a student or a single lady trying to hustle, you can buy this dining table and add it to your room. And you’ll use it for studying or working on your computer.

7. Dining Tables for 4

small round dining table
Source: amazon

After a 2-person dining table, there is a dining table for 4. It’s another minimalist design as its set comes with four dining chairs.

A four-seater dining table design is perfect for a small room. It won’t consume a lot of space and it won’t need a vast rug.

If you’re just a small family and you want a dining table that will allow you to invite one or two friends for dinner, you should get a 4 personal dining table. Allow the dining set to sit on a medium rug, you’ll create a very cozy dining design.

 8. Dining Table for 6

Are you a family of four or five? You need a minimalist dining table for 6.

This design can be an oval, round, or rectangular table. Its full set comes with six chairs, two chairs in two lengths, and one chair in each width.

Of all the shapes, the hexagonal and round table for six is the most minimalist design. They eat up a very small space as compared to the other shapes.

Minimalist Table Based on Materials Made-from

The other criterion you can use to refine your choice is the materials from which the table is made.

9. Concrete Dining Table

A table made of concrete or cement? Yes, it is a strong aesthetically pleasing dining table.

I like concrete dining tables because they’re so stylish and waterproof. Unlike wood tabletops that may absorb water and swell up, a concrete dining table simply repels the water drops.

This makes them particularly suitable for outdoor spaces. You can get a minimalist concrete table and install it in your garden, on your small porch, or next to your small pool.

10. Mango Wood Dining Table

The other material that is used in making dining tables is mango wood. It’s strong and it is relatively resistant to water –of course, not as resistant as a concrete dining table.

Mango wood tends to be easy to cut and transform into any figure. This means you can use mango wood to create any minimalist dining table.

You can create a freestyle minimalist table, an oval-shaped table, a square dining table, and so forth. The sky is the limit with soft lasting wood like mango wood.

11. Glass Minimalist Table

glass table Minimalist Dining Table

This is an elegant dining table design. Imagine having a dining tabletop made of transparent glass.

But not all glass tables are elegant. Having a huge rectangular table in your dining table may not be the way to go.

The small round or oval dining tables are the real game in this case. This is perfect for a small dining room. If you want to transform your small room into a magnificent small paradise, get yourself a 2 person glass dining table or a glass dining table for four.

Because glass is water repellant, you can also use the table for outdoor space.

The only downside with a piece of glass furniture is that it requires a place where there are no kids. A place frequented by kids or a lot of people can lead to the early breaking of the table.

Of course, this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re looking for a minimalist design. I assume that your home doesn’t have heavy traffic or you’ll put the table in a less-traffic area.

12. Modern Marble Dining Table

The next is the marble dining table. This table is made up of a strong metamorphic crystalline limestone.

It’s like the combination of glass and concrete materials. The marble dining table is so easy to clean, very resistant to water, and can come in a very thin layer.

 Because of these features, a marble dining table can be placed on the porch, in the garden, or by the swimming pool.

These dining table designs come in different sizes and capacities. For you to get the minimalist marble table, you need to look for a 2-person, 3-person, or 6-person dining table.

13. Tiled Top Dining Table

A tiled-top dining table consists of fine waterproof tiles on the tabletop. It can be made of wood and the tiles are only added on top of the table.

Some do this to decorate it. The tiles add aesthetic value to the wooden table and they use them to hide the boring plywood.

Others use the tiles for the tabletop when constructing an outdoor space dining table. Since the tiles are water resistant, there are used to create a dining table that will be put by a small swimming pool or on a small porch.

Dining Tables Combined Features

There is another minimalist dining table that consists of different combined features and is worth mentioning.

14. 72-inch Round Dining Table

If you’re looking for a dining table that will accommodate many people but has a simple design, a 72-inch round dining table is the best option for you.

Again, the round table is one of the minimalist designs. And since 72 inches means that the table is not super wide, it is a create table that fits in a small space and accommodates up to eight people.

As for the material, you can opt for a marble or mango wood tabletop. Of the two, the mango table is lighter which is great for a minimalistic dining table.

15. Oval Dining Table for 8

Next to a round table, another great minimalist table design is the oval dining table for 8. It’s perfect for a family of two or three.

With an oval dining table for 8, you will be able to invite one or two friends over for a family dinner. And you can install it in the kitchen or the dining room without consuming a lot of space.

You can choose to have a glass, wooden, marble, concrete, or woven oval dining table for 8. Whatever material you choose to use, you can still find minimalist designs for your small space.

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Final Words of Minimalist Dining Table Designs

A dining table is a must-have in modern living room furniture. Lack of space should never be an excuse for not having a dining table.

You can still have a dining table that will fit in most of the small dining rooms. This post has provided you with a lot of minimalist dining table designs that can fit a small area.

So if you were looking for one that will fit a specific area, I hope you have found a table suitable for your needs and space.

I wish you all the best!


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